Gearheart Communications and Bruce Walters Ford Kia has partnered together to present FOCUS ON YOUR FUTURE!  This is a Ford Focus giveaway to a local senior who is focused and ready to succeed and progress in their future.

Selection process.

Starting February 15, 2018, applications will begin being accepted.  March 24, 2018 is the close of accepting applications for consideration.  Eligible Seniors will fill out applications and submit the requirements.  A selection committee will get all applications anonymously and narrow the selection to 1 winner.  Winner will receive a Ford Focus and other gifts.  Gearheart Communications and Walters Ford and Kia want our local Seniors to Focus on their Future, and succeed as our future community leaders.  Best wishes to everyone!


  1. Applicant must live and attend high school within the Gearheart Communications home coverage area, as listed: Floyd, Letcher (Jenkins and Fleming-Neon), and Pike Counties of Kentucky, and Mingo County (Matewan, North Matewan, Edgerton and Delabarton), Hurley, and Pound, Virginia .
  2. Applicant must be a senior graduating from high school in the Spring of 2018 and must enroll full-time in a post-secondary institution or higher education (two or four year college/ university, business school, or vocational-technical school/institute) as a beginning freshman in the Fall of 2018.
  3. Applicant must be 18 years of age by June 1, 2018.
  4. Applicant cannot be an employee or an immediate family member of individuals who are employed by any Gearheart Communications Company or Walters Group.
  5. Applicant must have a 2.75 GPA (4.0 scale) at the time of application.
  6. Applicant must be able to provide insurance on the vehicle upon acceptance of their winning the Focus.


Selection Criteria

The selection committee will use the basic scale as provided to narrow applicants down to a winner.

  • Financial Need
  • Academic Achievement
  • School/Community Involvement
  • Personal Essay/Letters of Recommendation

*There will be no discrimination based upon sex, age, race, national origin, religion, or special needs and all information provided will be kept strictly confidential.  Selection committee will review all of the applicants as numbers and will not receive names or idenitifying info until the winning applicant is selected.


Selection Process

  1. A selection committee will review each application. The committee will select one student to win a new car for use after gradutation for college. All applications become the right of

IMC and BWF and will not be returned.

  1. Your guidance counselor will be notified in May if the winner from your school. Winner will be contacted by IMC and BWF and will receive recognition at their awards ceremony.


Transfer of Vehicle

  1. Car will be titled to the winner and parents if/as necessary to provide insurance for the vehicle.
  2. Insurance must be provided upon accepting the vehicle.



  1. Complete the attached 3 page application in its entirety and mail to: INTERMOUNTAIN CABLE, C/O SENIOR CAR GIVEAWAY, PO BOX 160 HAROLD, KENTUCKY 41635
  2. All completed applications must be postmarked and mailed no later than March 24, 2018.
  3. The following items MUST be included with the application to consider it complete:
  4. High school transcript — must be an official document and should include recent report on senior year as well as GPA and ACT or SAT scores (if taken) to date.
  5. Three letters of recommendation; two from a school official/teacher and one from a member of the community or a non-relative who knows you knows you well. Letters should describe your school/community involvement, personal characteristics, and/or other factors supporting your candidacy. All letters must be typed and signed.
  6. One 8½ x 11” page typed essay entitled, “The reasons why I should receive the car and the role it plays in helping me achieve my goals, focusing on my future!”
*For faster processing please do not staple paperwork.
**Judging is done anonymously, please do not include pictures in submissions.
 *in the event of any troubles with necessary insurance coverage, the winner can take a cash option and have 8000$ written to the secondary education institution toward their tuition and other fees.  The money will be given directly to the school for that purpose in the winner’s name.



FOCUS on the Future Car giveaway if offered only in the schools located in the InterMountain Cable Inc. providing areas of Floyd, Letcher (Jenkins and Fleming-Neon), and Pike Counties of Kentucky, and Mingo County (Matewan, North Matewan, Edgerton and Delabarton), Hurley, and Pound, Virginia. Participants must be 18 by June 1, 2018 to be eligible for the Ford Focus. Applicants cannot be an immediate family member of an employee of Gearheart Communications, Inc., or Walters Ford/Kia. Other rules and requirements are located on the application. Specifically, the applicant must have a GPA of 2.75 or higher and is enrolled or applied and accepted to a post-secondary institution or higher education.

Applications can be retrieved starting January 15, 2018 on or and all applications must be received or post marked by March 31, 2018. No applications will be accepted after this date.

Go to or and print the application. Follow all steps on the application. Once application and all requirements are gathered submit your COMPLETE application to FOCUS ON YOUR FUTURE, PO BOX 161, Harold, Kentucky 41635. All applications will be numbered for anonymity before being submitted to the selection committee.

InterMountain Cable Inc., and Bruce Walters Ford are local businesses that have come together to do a community giveaway to prosper our local seniors and their future in college or technical school. Applicants will be reviewed and selected as anonymously as possible and once chosen, the name will be revealed and the school will be contacted. One deserving Senior will be chosen out of all applicants and will receive a FORD FOCUS. You may not be an immediate family member of an employee of any Gearheart Communications Companies or Bruce Walters Group to enter or be eligible to win. Once your application is submitted it will become the sole property of the Sponsors and will not be returned and will be destroyed after selection of the winner.

By completing and submitting application, all entrants consent to the collection, use and distribution of their personal information by the sponsor for purposes of making a selection for the deserving senior. If not 18 at the time of entry, your parent must sign your application giving permission for your information to be submitted and eligible to win.

The selection committee will be comprised of personnel of the sponsoring companies and will review the applications and unanimously come to one for the winner. The selection committee members will remain anonymous.

The winner will receive a Ford Focus, tax title and license paid. The winner will be responsible for insurance upon receipt and transfer of the Ford Focus.

Employees or immediate family members of employees of the sponsoring companies are not eligible and by submitting an application you are certifying that you are not.

InterMountain Cable, Inc. and Bruce Walters Ford are the co-sponsors of the FOCUS ON YOUR FUTURE GIVEAWAY. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Promotional images may not reflect actual prize.

Applications will be numbered and left anonymous for the selection committee. The selection will be made upon review of all applications and the following selection data: Financial need, academic achievement, school/community involvement, personal Essay/Letters of recommendation, and any other data collected and considered.

By submitting an application, you are not guaranteed anything. Applicants have the possibility of winning a Ford Focus for their future. InterMountain Cable, Inc., and Walters Ford/Kia do no guarantee anything in this promotion except for one winner to receive a Ford Focus and further, warranties (if any) on the car will be explained at time of time and will not be given by InterMountain Cable, Inc., or Walters Ford/Kia. InterMountain Cable, Inc., and Walters Ford are Kentucky based companies doing business in Kentucky and wanting to promote their local education. No other warranties or guarantees